Labour Consultancy and Management for Self-employed in Malaga

If you are looking for a labour consultancy in Malaga, we can help you. We will carry out, for your business as a Self-Employed, the following services:

  • Permanent advice on labour
  • Processing of the registrations and cancellations of the workers of your business.
  • Preparation of the most suitable contracts for your workers, preparation of their payrolls and payments to Social Security.
  • Preparation and management of Employment Regulation Files (ERE and ERTE) in your business.
  • Defence in Settlement Acts, Courts and Labour TribunalsLabour Inspections, Crisis and Staff regulation records, and also drafting and processing any type of report or official/non-official verdicts within the Labour-Employment area.
  • Intermediation in the preparation of agreements with accident mutual insurance companies, Occupational Risk Prevention, Safety and Hygiene programs, diligence of the books of your business and subscription of policies with Insurance Companies.

We advise you so that you have the most optimal contractual conditions for your employees, always in defence of your legitimate interests.

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    Employee recruitment

    Taking into account your needs and the characteristics of your business area, we analyse the best forms of hiring workers that the current regulations allow at all times. Likewise, and with our prior advice, we will carry out all the modifications or terminations of the contract that you must conduct.

    Asesoría Laboral de autónomos en Málaga

    Elaboration of the payrolls

    On a regular basis, we will prepare the payslips for your workers, which will reflect all the concepts and conditions that have been included in their contracts. We will send them to you, in paper format or by electronic and digital means that will be available for you, so that you can send them to your employees.

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      Legal Defense in Labor matters

      And in the event of any socio-labour incident with an employee of your business or if you receive a labour inspection by the Labour Authority, we will be your defence, managing the interests of your business in the most efficient way possible and seeking to achieve at all times the best possible safeguard for your business.

      Asesoría Laboral de Autónomos en Málaga

      Our clients and what they say about us

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